‘We were not afraid’ of ‘big brother’

The wife of the gunman who killed five people and wounded six others in a rampage at a Washington, D.C., high school is speaking out against the man who shot her husband in the chest, saying she did not want to “give him his due” in a Facebook post.

In a post that was shared by her husband, Harley Quinn Quinn, the 26-year-old mother of two posted: I don’t want to give him his fair shake.

I am not scared, I don�t want him to be the next victim, or worse.

I know this is not going to change my mind.

The fact that this man is a father of two young boys doesn�t mean I want him in my house.

I donít want to be there when his children go to school, or when he is home from work.

I will not be at home when he has a temper tantrum, or make fun of his kids.

I won�t be in the living room with him, I won’t be in bed with him when he goes to bed.

I want my children to be safe and comfortable, not in a dangerous environment.

This was not the first time Quinn and her husband have talked about the shooting.

In the post, which was shared Friday morning, Quinn said she was in a “state of shock” after being shot in the back by her attacker.

She wrote that her husband was an avid gun owner, and she didn�t understand why he would choose a gun that could potentially kill her and her two children.

She wrote that she had already been through a “very scary time” in her life when the attack began, and the two children were not present at the time of the shooting, but Quinn had to leave the house at gunpoint and call the police.

She also wrote that there was a gun in her bedroom at the moment of the attack, and that the gunman had taken it.

In a statement, the D.O.C. Police Department said officers were called to the home on April 24, when Quinn and the children were visiting a friend.

The shooting occurred shortly after 11:15 p.m. on April 25.