What do we know about Harley Quinn?

When you think of the “best” comic book character of all time, you probably think of Harley Quinn, but you probably also think of “The Joker,” who also has a lot of fans.

But what about the Joker?

You may know him best for his role as the Joker in the Batman TV series and movie, but in his own comic book series, “Harley Quinn” and “Harlequin,” Quinn and her friends are just as popular.

The two characters have appeared in more than 100 comics, which has been a huge boon to the comic book industry, which is now worth about $60 billion.

While the “Harleys” are a bit of a niche, they’re definitely worth the read, and the art is a blast.

Here’s a look at what you need to know about the “Joker” and the “Bubbles.”

Who is Harley Quinn and why does she get so much attention?

Harley Quinn is the daughter of Dr. Alan Scott and her sister.

She was born into poverty and lived with her mother for a while before her mother died.

She is an orphan, so she was raised by her aunt and uncle.

She eventually found a foster home and attended school.

When she was 18, Quinn was taken in by an orphanage in the city of Gotham.

She lived there for a year, and then moved to a school in a city in Ohio called Gotham City.

After a few years there, she returned to Gotham City and started working for a doctor called Dr. Seuss.

At this point, she had a crush on her teacher, Mr. Burns.

In her first comic, “Batman: Year One,” she was one of the few characters to take on the role of a superhero.

She’s the one who became known as “The Clown Prince of Crime” in the “Batman” comic series, but that was pretty much it.

The character of “Harleen Quinn” isn’t the only popular character that has a huge following.

She also had a huge cult following, and her first book, “The Killing Joke,” sold more than 500,000 copies in its first week.

“The Suicide Squad” comic was an adaptation of the popular book of the same name.

“Suicide Squad” has a ton of characters in it, but Harley Quinn comes in at the top of the list.

When the series was first released in 2000, she was the most popular character in it.

It also introduced a new villain called “The Enchantress,” who is played by Jessica Chastain.

“Harvey” has also become an important part of the DC Universe, thanks to the popularity of “Superman: Man of Steel” and other characters like “Supergirl,” “Wonder Woman,” “Batman,” “Green Lantern” and others.

In many ways, she’s a role model for other young women, and she’s been a favorite for some time.

But the popularity also gives her a big fan base.

She has more than a million fans on Twitter, and more than 3 million on Tumblr, according to Forbes.

Harley Quinn has also garnered a lot in merchandising, which includes toys and clothing.

Some of the merchandise includes a doll called Harley Quinn that she created in 2005 and is still selling, according the DC Comics blog.

She even has a video game character named “Harriet,” which is also a doll.

What about Harley’s personal life?

In recent years, the character has had her fair share of scandals.

For one, she married her boyfriend, Kevin Conroy, in 2004, after years of dating.

He is a father to their son, James.

But she has also had several sexual relationships.

She had a sex tape with Kevin Conray, a man who is married to her mother.

She and Conroy are still married, but their relationship is not known to the public.

She married her current boyfriend, David Bowie, in 2005, after a 15-year relationship.

Her relationship with Conroy was also a controversial one, with the actor saying that he was a pedophile.

After the sex tape was released, Conroy apologized, and after that, Harley and Bowie parted ways.

They have two children, James, 3, and Kate, 2.