‘Batman: The New Batman’ has no ‘New’ Batman, but is it better than ‘Batman’ before?

There are several reasons why this new Batman film is more compelling than the first one, not least of which is its cast. 

Batman: The New Batman will be the first Batman film to use a direct-to-video release format, rather than being released by Warner Bros. and then streaming on demand, unlike the original series. 

And there’s more. 

For one thing, we’ll be able to see some of the Bat-family’s most prominent rogues gallery from the Batcave in a whole new way. 

There’s Batman (Ben Affleck), Batgirl (Gal Gadot), Green Lantern (Ray Fisher), Catwoman (Laura Harrier), Poison Ivy (Karen Fukuhara), Commissioner Gordon (Willem Dafoe), Cat-Man (Paul Bettany), Scarecrow (Michael Keaton), Robin (Michael Shannon), and The Joker (Matt Damon). 

For another, we have the first-ever direct-on-VOD release of Batman: Batman Beyond, which will be available to stream on Hulu starting November 20, 2016. 

It’s also a good bet that the first movie will be remembered as the first of the New Batman films to use the DCU continuity, something that’s a major selling point for Warner Bros., and something that will be especially helpful for younger audiences. 

But there’s another reason why Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is so much more exciting than Batman: Gotham, which we’ll talk about soon. 

The Batcaves are now the Batdome and the BatacombsThe Batdomes were not only the hub of the Gotham underworld, they were also the hub for the Gotham City crime families. 

While most of the villains of the original Batman trilogy were introduced to Gotham in Batman Begins, it was Batman’s team of allies that started the Gotham mob’s expansion into the city. 

Since then, the Batfamily has grown and become a key element in the criminal underworld, serving as the Gotham’s greatest enforcer and its biggest source of income. 

In the original films, Bruce Wayne’s father, Bruce, played a pivotal role in bringing Gotham to the brink of chaos. 

“The Dark Knight” was born from a need to show Gotham in the same way that Batman’s son, Dick Grayson, was born. 

As the first two films, the new Batman films are about a man who is not yet ready to leave Gotham behind and begin a new life in the United States, which is why the Bats are in the Batmobile. 

At the beginning of the films, Batman is still an orphaned child who has no family in Gotham and is forced to live with his adoptive parents and uncle, Wayne Enterprises, in a remote, rundown mansion. 

With his uncle dead and the family living in a dingy old house, Bruce decides to join up with the Penguin, who has recently turned to crime, and go out into the streets. 

His journey across Gotham leads him into a mob, where he eventually meets the Joker. 

These three men form a team that includes The Penguin, Catwoman, and Robin. 

Their first battle is against Bane and his henchmen. 

Bane is a powerful villain with a long history of using his power to harm Gotham’s citizens. 

This time around, however, he’s brought back from the dead by his own mother, who had been poisoned by The Joker. 

 “Batman: Arkham Asylum” The last time Batman and Robin fought Bane was in the original “Batman: Batman Begins.” 

The fight is brutal, with Bane’s henchman Bane trying to kill Batman. 

However, Batman fights back by kicking Bane’s head off. 

After that, he is rescued by Catwoman and Robin, who are now on the run. 

Bruce and Robin face off against Bane’s men in the sewer system. 

Although they do not kill Bane, their battle proves to be a brutal and bloody one, and the Gothamites are all badly injured. 

Fortunately, Batman saves the life of his cousin, Selina Kyle, and is given the name Batman, the name he is known by. 

He returns to the Batmobiles and is seen returning home. 

When Batman is reunited with his family, he and his adopted mother, Martha Wayne, are reunited with their adopted son, Tim Drake. 

A new family life, a new family. 

We’re going to talk about how The Dark King is more exciting in this series, and how Batman: Arkham Origins will do the same. 

To learn more about the Gotham crime family, read  Batman: Batman Beyond, Batman: Catwoman: The Masked City, and  Batman Beyond: The Joker: The Return. 

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