‘X-Men’ to premiere in September: Deadline

Posted September 13, 2018 05:36:25X-MEN: LOST LIGHT writer Scott Lobdell has confirmed the title for the fourth installment of the popular series is going to be released on September 15.

Lobdell previously confirmed that the fourth X-MEN film would be released in 2019.

“The next film is going be called ‘XMEN: Lost Light,'” he told reporters in Toronto.

“I’m not going to get into too much detail, but I know we’re doing a story in 2019 and it’s not the last film, so I don’t want to spoil anything.”

Lobidell also revealed that he would be doing more to promote the X-Men franchise in the months ahead.

“It’s a big year for me,” he said.

“We’re starting a brand new franchise and I’m going to continue to push the X team and make sure we continue to put out the best films possible.”

The X-Mansion is set to debut in 2019 as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while the first film is set for release on March 10, 2020.

The X, which starred Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, was a hugely successful franchise that grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide, and has spawned several spin-offs.