How to get the most out of the Olympics: the ‘Big Three’

The big three of the Rio Olympics, men’s gymnastics, swimming and diving, have been locked in a battle for the right to host the Games.

The men’s men’s team has long been favoured by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the first time in 40 years.

The men’s diving team is also due to host at least one Games, but is facing competition from the men’s women’s team.

The women’s gymnastic team will host the London Games in 2024 and the men will have to find a host city by 2026.

“I am really excited that the men have secured a deal for 2024, because they have a lot of history with this venue,” IOC president Thomas Bach said.

While it will take time to get everyone on board, the IOC is confident it will happen.

“I am convinced that this is going to happen,” IOC Vice-President Jacques Rogge told the BBC on Monday.

It is not just the host city, but the venue that is key.

Diving and swimming are both swimming events that are hugely popular in the city, with crowds numbering in the millions.

Bach’s men are the favourites to host in 2020, but his team has been in talks with Rio’s bid team for some time.

It is believed that the IOC will ask the bid team to offer the city a guarantee that the women’s men will not be offered the Games in 2026 if the women win in 2024.

So far, only one bid has come forward, and that was a bid from Beijing, China.

But in the past, Beijing has been willing to give a guarantee to the IOC if the IOC didn’t want to make the Games at all.

With the IOC expected to announce its selection of a host by May, it is unlikely that the Beijing bid will be able to secure a spot for 2020.

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