The ‘Bounding Into Comics’ podcast episode 3: A new comic by the way

This podcast episode has a bunch of new comic entries in it.

It was recorded on May 17, 2017 at 3:20 pm and we are now in the second week of May.

Here is a recap of what we discussed this week.

We also got to discuss the new Bounding Into comics with a bunch more comics, including the one by John Scalzi.

There are also a bunch new comics in this week’s podcast.

The first two comics are: The Dark Knight and the Phantom of the Opera.

This was a guest comic from John Scalz on the podcast.

This comic was featured in the movie adaptation of the film The Dark City.

The Phantom of The Opera, also by John, is the third comic in the series.

We discussed the Phantom story in this episode and then this week we were asked to discuss The Dark King.

Here are the comic descriptions: In the year 2154, a boy named Kratos, a Greek god, discovers a secret city in the mountains of ancient Greece.

This secret city is inhabited by a race of beings called the Parnas.

The inhabitants of the city are said to be the oldest and the greatest.

Kratotos then travels to the other side of the world to explore it and learns that the Pronas are also ancient and immortal.

The Pronases are the rulers of the land of Parnacia and have ruled over the ancient city since the beginning of time.

Their land is a land of fire, where the gods of Pronacia live in luxury and rule with great authority.

Krausen, the leader of the Prons, is a young man named Krum who has lost his father, the legendary king of the gods, Kronos.

Kronos, the god of the underworld, has taken on the form of a demon and is trying to steal the power of the god.

Krum, who is a human, must defeat Kronos and the demon before he can gain the power that is needed to control the universe. 

The Dark King, by Mark O’Neill is the last book in the Dark King series.

In this series, Krum is trying once again to stop Kronos from taking over the universe and destroying the universe with a meteor strike. 

We discussed the series in this podcast and it is really interesting to see how different this series has been since its publication.

We have the first book in this series that was published in 2011, which was the first comic book to feature the Dark Knight.

This book was a great comic, and I hope that all the readers who read it have enjoyed it. 

 Krausens first book, The Dark Prince, was a very good comic, but I wish he had published it in this format, which is very different from The Dark Kings first book. 

Krum has been an incredible storyteller in the comics.

He has a great sense of humor, and his storytelling is unique and he has a strong sense of direction.

He is a master of characterization and has really helped elevate the quality of comics in the past.

He also has a fantastic sense of voice and has a wonderful ability to draw people in with their emotions. 

Mark O’Neil has had a very great run as Dark King since his comic book run on DC in 2010.

The comic is one of the most popular comics in recent years and he really is a one of a kind artist.

I have enjoyed his work on Dark King and the new comic The Dark Crown by Mark Millar. 

John Scalzi was a master storyteker in this world of comics, and this book was an absolute delight.

It is a very different style of storytelling than what we have seen in the comic book series. 

There are also new comics that are in this issue of The Dark Kingdom. 

In The Dark Empire, there are two new comics.

One is a comic that is a new title for the series and the other is a short story by Mark Waid and Joe Kelly.

The short story was written by Kelly and Waid. 

Joe Kelly wrote The Dark Queen, the first of four comics in The Dark Emperor series.

I loved it.

Kelly has been a master at telling a story, and in The Empire, he has done an incredible job. 

This is an exciting time for comics and for comic book fans.

There is so much new content to look forward to this year. 

I hope that you enjoy this podcast, and as always we welcome your feedback. 

Happy listening!