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Now Playing: ‘Battleship’ actress and former ‘Teen Mom’ star Amber Portwood has spoken out about the abuse she suffered as a child source ABC News Now title Amber Portwoods is one of the many celebs who have been abused in Hollywood as a teen source ABC: ‘If it’s a bad day, it can be worse than any abuse’: Amber Portwell talks about the violence she experienced as a teenagerSource ABC NewsNow: ‘Teen mom’ Amber Portwold on sexual assault allegations, the ‘Buffy’ reboot and her futureSource ABC: What is sexual assault?

It’s when someone has been physically, sexually or emotionally abused, but there’s no one in the room to report it because the person hasn’t been taken seriously by the policeSource ABCNews Now: ‘You Can’t Have Nice Things’: Amber and her sister speak out on sexual abuse allegations in Hollywood