‘The Black Dahlia’ has been voted the best comic book in the UK for the fourth year running

Black Dahlias is one of the most popular comics on the market and one of comics creators favourite titles, with its unique twist on the genre that’s been making headlines around the world.

Now, the creator of the book has revealed the winners of the prestigious Comic Book Writers of America (CWOA) award for best graphic novel, after receiving votes from a panel of judges.

“We are very pleased to have been voted one of our own,” said author and artist Scott Lobdell in a statement, adding that he was thrilled to be the recipient of the award.

“It means so much to me that my work has resonated so strongly with so many of you, and is now part of the canon.

It is a wonderful recognition of the work I do and the fans who make it possible.”

I have a number of plans in the pipeline for the future, including a book based on my story, but for now, I am really excited to share my comic book story with the world.

“Read the full statement below:The award was handed out to a panel that included industry figures, academics, journalists and comic book creators. 

It is not a traditional comic book award but instead has a three-week voting period, during which creators are asked to submit a list of their best work, and then a panel is made up of three people chosen by them.”

The Black Dalia’s” winner was a collaboration between writer/artist Ryan Ottley and illustrator Tom Brevoort.

The other winners of this year’s CWOA were:”Dark Horse Presents: New Orleans: A Novel”, by writer/ artist R.A. Salvatore and illustrators Andrew Robinson and John Arcudi; “The Art of Death: A Death Story”, by John Scalzi and Tom Breva and illustator Dave Stewart; “Supernatural: A Graphic Novel”, edited by Brian K. Vaughan and artists Jock, Joe Caramagna and David Mack; “Marvel Comics: Spider-Man: The First Family”, by Tom Brevillion and illustrative artist Tom Brevet; “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Complete Series”, by Alex Ross and artist Ryan Ott. 

These are just a handful of the comics that were nominated.

The winners will be announced on Sunday, October 20, at Comic-Con International in San Diego.