Marvel Comics announces a new series of comics featuring the ‘Boomerang’ character

DC Comics has announced a new superhero series featuring the character Boomerang, a.k.a.

The Punisher, in a story arc called “The Punisher: Boomerangs.”

The series, written by Brandon Vietti and illustrated by Dan Parent, is slated to debut in 2018.

The series will take place over three years in the future and will tell the story of The Punishers new life in New York City, as well as his adventures in Los Angeles, Los Angeles.

Vietti said that the series will “continue to bring The Punishments greatest foes and most powerful allies to life.”

In addition to Vietti’s debut series, DC has also announced a series of comic books based on other characters from the Marvel Universe, such as Spider-Man, Daredevil, Black Widow, and Ms. Marvel.

In a statement, Vietti called his new series “a huge opportunity for me to tell a new story that will connect with the fans who love my work, and to introduce the characters and stories of the past.”

In the press release announcing the new series, Viett said he hopes that the new book will “bring an element of fun, nostalgia, and adventure to readers of all ages.”

The Punishing One has already been a mainstay of DC’s line-up for many years, but the series was never officially announced by DC.

However, it was previously announced that the title would be appearing in “The New 52,” the new wave of DC titles that will debut in 2019.

According to DC Comics’ own news source, “The Comics Book Daily” blog, “In celebration of the New 52 debut, DC Comics is teaming up with DC Comics to release three new DC Comics titles, all based on Marvel characters, in 2018.”

The New 52 will include the new titles “Rebirth,” “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Reboot.”