The 10 Worst Porn Movies of All Time

“In addition to the usual list of questionable choices, the best movies in this list aren’t necessarily the best porn films.

That’s because, well, they’re not.

They’re just bad porn.

But they’re bad, and bad movies are better than bad movies.”

Read more New York magazine article “The worst porn movies of all time” is a list of 10 films that, according to the New York Times, “expose a broad swath of the adult entertainment industry to a wide swath of viewers.”

The list, compiled by New York’s New Yorker magazine, also includes the worst-performing films of the decade, as well as the top 10 films of 2016.

(The first 10 are included in the list, which you can see below.)

The 10 Worst Movies of 2016-2017Read more”A year of sexual misbehavior and abuse, with the sexual exploitation of children and the rape and murder of children all afoot, the porn industry is not the industry of its founders,” the Times says.

“Instead, it’s a business whose profits are based on the sale of sexual services, which is a gross abuse of power.”

The Times goes on to say that, “in a year when we can all agree that sex is a bad thing, that the people responsible for perpetuating it should be held accountable, and that our culture is so badly warped that a movie like ‘The Purge: Election Year’ is so bad, it is a miracle it hasn’t already been canceled, then I can only conclude that, in the end, you won’t find the same sense of triumph that you would if we had a ‘Worst Porn Movies’ list of 2017.”

The film list, like all of the New Yorker’s list, comes from the site, which makes it easy to find the best films in any genre.

The New Yorker also has a “top 10” of films that they hope will inspire viewers to watch new films, but the list is not necessarily a complete list of the best.

“Some of the films on this list are so bad they’re good, but others, like the one that came out the week before, are just terrible,” the article states.

“The 10 worst porn films of all year might have been a step in the right direction, but in the long run, they won’t change the world.”

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