When it comes to the ’80s and ’90s, the ’90-era is always better than the ’70s and the ’60s, says comic book writer Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns and his wife, actress Sharon Osbourne, have been married for 25 years.

We love it when our kids can sit down and tell us how much they love a book, because we know it means something to them.

They know we care.

But if they were to ask us today, we’d say the ’92-’93 decade was the best decade.

The ’90’s and ’00s were the best era, with the exception of the ’75-’76 ’90-’92 decade.

In our minds, the time we’re in the ’00’s is when it all started.

It’s the best time.

There were a lot of great movies coming out of the late ’70’s and early ’80’s.

And then we all lost our jobs.

That’s when we realized, hey, maybe we could do something together.

And we did, starting with The Dark Knight Returns and ending with the last Batman movie.

The ’90/00s are where I got my first big break in comics.

When I was doing my first run of Superman comics, there was a Superman movie called Superman: The Final Battle that came out in October, ’95.

It was really, really good.

It made me realize that there’s an entire generation of kids growing up who aren’t interested in Superman.

They’re interested in superheroes.

And I’m not talking about just comic book fans.

When I got back from that Superman movie, I was so excited to tell Geoff Johns that we were going to do Superman: Doomsday, a Superman/Wonder Woman crossover event.

We had this really cool idea of a new Superman team in Superman: Superman/Batman that we could use to get the crossover into the main series.

And the thing was, Geoff Johns, who was an editor on that movie, and I had a great relationship, and he just wanted to get Superman out of there and get it out of my hands, and then he asked me to write it.

I just said, “What?”

And he said, OK, what about this Superman movie that we’re making with Geoff Johns?

I was just like, “That’s the one, right?”

And then he was like, Well, I’m gonna put it out now, because I’m going to get an Emmy nomination.

And that’s how we got the crossover out.

And then we did The Final Batman.

I was in the writers room at the time, and Geoff Johns was in it.

And they were making this epic, epic, awesome movie, which was the one that we wanted to do, but we just didn’t have the money for it, so we were like, OK.

So we’re doing this Superman/Supergirl crossover, and we’re going to have Superman get killed in this movie.

It doesn’t work, so Geoff Johns is like, well, we can do this one.

And Geoff Johns says, “Yeah, I’ve seen the trailer.

Superman has his Doomsday bomb strapped to his chest, and it’s the most badass moment of the movie.

And you guys are Superman fans.”

And I was like “That would be awesome.”

So we started shooting it, and the next day we were on set, and everybody was freaking out.

Geoff Johns told me to tell him to make sure it was a really good one, and that I would be doing it as a guest star.

And it was, I would say, one of the funniest movies I’ve ever worked on.

And when we started it, Geoff said, you’re doing the best Superman/Gotham movie that you’ve ever done.

And he was right.

And now, it’s like, wow, this is a very cool story.

And my wife and I are like, what’s next?

We’ve been doing Superman stuff for like 25 years, and there are so many Superman movies that we haven’t seen, but now we’re excited to see it all coming together.

One of the things that I think we’ve seen more and more over the years is how great the comic book medium is.

The fact that we have this massive library of material that people have written, it is just mind blowing.

But it’s also really, truly difficult to keep up with.

Because it’s a really complex medium, there are multiple universes that people write in, and a lot more than just one universe.

And some of the best stories in the comics are stories where people were trying to keep track of who was who in their universe, who’s who, and where they were in the story.

It was really challenging to be a part of that.

And of course, it was also very challenging to keep everything separate.

Because the biggest difference is that you don’t know who’s writing what.

You don’t get a sense