The Golden Apple: The story of a furore that brought the entire furor community to its knees

A furoringi comic book was stolen from a Hindu bookstore in California, with a bookseller saying he is outraged that it was published online.

The Golden Apples, which was published in 2011, features a female protagonist, who is portrayed as a child-like, giggly and giggly person.

It was the only comic in the comic series, which included more than 200 titles, and was a critical hit, with more than 1 million copies sold in India.

The comic has since gone viral on Facebook, with the hashtag #goldenapples trending on Twitter.

A Hindu bookseller who had it handed over told the media outlet Times of India that he did not even think that it belonged to him.

“The Golden Apple was handed over by someone in the comics business.

The owner of the store does not want it back.

I don’t think I can bring it back, but I can give it to a library or museum,” the bookseller, who asked not to be named, said.

The bookseller told the newspaper that the comic was published by a different publisher in India, and that he was not aware of the origins of the title.

The shopkeeper said he has no intention of selling it.

The owner of a Hindu bookshop in Santa Barbara, California, says he is upset that a furor published the Golden Apply.

The title is copyrighted and is not mine. The Hindu (@timesofindia) March 28, 2018 The Golden apples bookseller is furious with the publisher.

He told the Times of India that the title was published as part of the franchise, and the publisher is not his owner.

The creator of the comic, Vikram Kapoor, also told the publication that the publisher had not notified him of the loss.

“It was not my book.

It’s a copyright of another company,” he said.

“I have not been contacted about it.

They are not even sending me a copy of the book.

I will never be a part of it,” he added.

In a statement, Kapoor told the Indian Express newspaper that he has received the comic.

“The comic is a parody and not a book.

In my opinion, it is an obscene comic, which has caused immense damage to the reputation of Hindu culture,” he wrote.

“We have been the target of a series of threats and violence by furors.

They have attacked me, my wife and children.

Our shop has been vandalised, our books destroyed.

We have received threats from all over the country.

My books and books of other authors are being snatched by furus who have attacked our shops and threatened us,” he also wrote.

The Golden Apple has been the subject of a massive social media campaign since it was first published.

The furorists are outraged that a comic book is being published online that was never supposed to be published.