DC Comics to Bring Avatar Porn Comics to Amazon Exclusive Edition

The DC Comics universe has a long and storied history of bringing its fans together in epic adventures.

And it looks like Avatar fans will be able to get a lot of the same content to their Amazon Prime membership, thanks to a new deal between the comic book retailer and the creator of the beloved movie.

Amazon announced this morning that it’s extending the Avatar Porn subscription for one year to April 25, 2019.

In addition, customers will be given the option to purchase additional titles with the same subscription at a discounted price, for a total of $8.99.

This offer is exclusive to Amazon Prime members, so be sure to grab it before the official launch date of the movie on April 25.

In the meantime, Avatar fans can browse through the comic’s many other titles for a selection of titles that are only available to Amazon members.

The deal is part of Amazon’s ongoing effort to make comics and books available to as many readers as possible, which includes the introduction of Amazon Prime Video , the introduction in October of Amazon Instant Video , and now the signing of a new partnership with Disney to bring Avatar porn comics to the streaming service.