How to find your favorite cartoons on Netflix

It’s been an incredible week for the animated genre, with Disney’s “Moana” (as well as its sequel, “Moanana”) dominating the box office and a slew of new releases that have grabbed the attention of fans.

But a new feature that could give you the best of both worlds is “zits.”

The service is free, but users can add content to their library to see how other sites are displaying it.

Here are five great examples:The “Bizarre Adventures” cartoon from The Simpsons.

The first two episodes of “The Adventures of Zorro” on Hulu.

The second episode of “Honeymooners” on Netflix.

The “Fairy Tail” spinoff on Crunchyroll.

And of course, “Frozen” on Disney XD.

Here are five more from the animation genre that are worth checking out.

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