‘It’s about time’: Cameroon to host World Cup 2019

Cameroon’s national team is set to take part in its first-ever World Cup in 2019 in a bid to become the first African nation to host a major tournament.

The African nation will host the tournament in 2019 after the country’s former president, Paul Biya, announced the move on Monday.

Bia was widely criticized for the decision after it was revealed that Cameroon had failed to secure any qualified players to represent the African nation at the 2019 FIFA World Cup due to financial difficulties.

The African nation is currently on its way to qualifying for the 2019 World Cup, with the tournament expected to take place in 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016.

According to the Cameroon Football Federation (CFF), the Cameroonians squad will consist of 23 players and will consist solely of the Cameroonian national team.

The CFF has not provided any information on the number of players it will field in 2019.

The Cameroonians will also host an exhibition match against Ghana, who will be represented by a full Cameroonian squad.

The match will be played on February 15 in a friendly between the two nations, which will take place at the Maracana stadium in Brasilia.

Cameroon’s first ever World Cup would mark the first time Cameroon will host a tournament in the African continent.

Cameroon has hosted several African Cup of Nations competitions, the 2018 FIFA World Championship, the 2022 Confederations Cup, the 2016 African Cup and the 2016 World Cup of Indoors, as well as the 2019 Africa Cup of Qualifiers.

Cameroon currently has 12 African Cup qualifiers to its name.