Bulma comics: ‘I love the characters’

Bulma Comics, the publisher of a new manga series based on the popular anime series “Kuroneko: A Heroine’s Journey,” announced on Friday that it had been acquired by Yen Press for a reported $2 million.

The manga, “Kuru: A New Beginning,” is set in a fictional world where young girls from a rich and powerful family have become orphans, the company said.

The series follows two young girls, Tsubasa and Kuroneko, who are sent to a boarding school where they are forced to battle against the evils of the school and its founder.

“Kurusai: A Girl’s Journey” debuted in January, and Yen Press has released nine volumes so far.

Yen Press plans to release two more volumes of “Kurosai: a Girl’s Guide to the Girls of Kuronekomori” in June and July.