Luann comic strips link

Luann’s comic strip “Birds of a feather flock together” was featured in an October cover story in the Los Angeles Times, and the strip will appear in the December issue. 

The strip is a combination of the characters’ first and second appearances in the original Luann comics.

The strip was created by Luann and Jim Leconte. 

Leconte and Luann have been drawing together for years, with the strip appearing in several comics, including “Boys of the Sea” and “Lil’ Lippa” and the “Brickhouse Comics” anthology. 

In the Times article, Luann also wrote: “I just wanted to make sure I knew exactly what was happening in the world when I did the strip.

I wanted to be sure the world was still on the same page, and that I wasn’t just going through the motions.” 

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Luan also revealed the inspiration behind the strip, which was inspired by the movie The Muppets. 

“It was inspired a lot by ‘Muppets’ because the characters have their own story,” she said. 

Luann is now an executive producer of the upcoming Disney-owned animation series, and her work will appear on the show, which is based on the popular children’s series.