How to Read Lucy Dacus’ “The Book of Beasts”

Lucy Daciasc, one of the most popular characters in the “Batman” universe, is finally getting her own comic book series.

Dacus, a former CIA agent and former CIA operative, will be featured in “The Beast,” a six-issue miniseries from DC Comics that will hit shelves in September.

“Lucy Dacus is one of DC Comics finest heroes and I couldn’t be more excited to bring her story to the world,” said DC Comics Editor-in-Chief Jim Lee.

“She is one character that I have always been obsessed with and one that I was eager to explore as a writer, and I’m really excited to share Lucy’s adventures in the DC Universe.”

Dacus joins the DC Comics universe in 2017, when the villain known as “The Butcher” joins forces with his evil twin brother to take down the League of Assassins and their leader, the Red Hood.

The “Beast” series will be a six issue series, with a limited run of two.

It will be available exclusively to the Kindle and the iPad, and will be priced at $9.99.